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photo of flower to be used as: Pot and bedding Cyclamen persicum Super Serie® Mammoth® F1 Wine Red Flamed

Top Variety 2011
Cyclamen persicum
"Super Serie® Mammoth® F1 Wine Red Flamed"
Flowering period: August - April

Height 25 - 50 cm
Spread: 25 - 50 cm
Habit: Upright
Flower type: Simple
Leaf Color Variegated
Placement: Partial shade
Water Average
Fertilizer need: Medium to low
Plant type: Multiannual

Class Top Variety 2011

Tremendous enjoyment from the new Super Serie® Mammoth® F1
Schoneveld Breeding introduces a new Super Serie Cyclamen with exceptionally large blooms. This massive cyclamen is the largest of the well-known Super Serie from Schoneveld Breeding. Mammoth is unique because as the plant grows larger it does not lose its lovely round shape. Super Serie Mammoth F1 is available in eight powerful colours.